RCC Eco garden Benches Manufacturers in Hyderabad

rcc eco garden bench manufacturers in hyderabad -raisestones


The term RCC Stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete.IT is the combination of using steel and  cement concrete instead of using only cement  or concrete .Concrete is weak in tensile stress with compared to its compressive stress. To offset this limitation, steel reinforcement is used in the concrete at the place where the section is subjected to tensile stress. Steel is very strong in tensile stress.

RCC Eco Garden Benches Manufacturers in Hyderabad


Rcc eco garden benches manufacturers in hyderabad

It is combination of concrete and steel to build a structure instead of using only concrete. It is used in the construction of Columns, Beams, Footings, Slabs etc.
It is used in storage structures like Dams, Water Tanks, Tunnels etc.
It is used to build heavy structures like Bridges, Walls, Towers, Under water structures.
It is used in tall structures and sky scrapers.
It is used in pavement like in Roads and Airports.

We manufacture reinforced concrete cement benches.Raise stones Manufactures wide range of Out Door Rcc garden benches in Hyderabad.

Advantages Of RCC  (RCC Garden Benches Manufacturers in Hyderabad)

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  • Reinforced Cement Concrete has good compressive stress (because of concrete).
  • RCC also has high tensile stress (because of steel).
  • It has good resistance to damage by fire and weathering (because of concrete).
  • RCC protects steel bars from buckling and twisting at the high temperature.
  • RCC prevents steel from rusting.
  • Reinforced Concrete is durable.
  • The monolithic character of reinforced concrete gives it more rigidity.




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rcc eco garden bench manufacturers in hyderabad -raisestones







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